Below is how we can refine your business model as a solo and micropreneur that generates $100K+ personal monthly revenue with the life you desire.

The Acuire & Ascend Blueprint



Before hitting the accelerator toward making $100K of personal monthly income, you must have strategic business plan and the foundational resources and tools necessary for proper execution.  In this phase we will be working diligently on establishing a recurrable, profitable, ascendable, and scalable SOLUTION that is specifically designed for an accessible, viable, and sustainable AUDIENCE with a clear, concise, compelling, and consistent MESSAGE.  We also must assemble support structure required for high performance and productivity.  The checkpoint in this phase is a comprehensive assessment, strategic business plan, and the implementation of foundational resources and tools.



This is where we roll up our sleeves together and begin implementing the systems, processes, and tactics for marketing, business development and sales to achieve pipeline development and management capable of success.  The focus in this phase is to capture, nurture, and convert the sources and leads that translate into the acquisition of the exact quality and quantity of ideal clients required to hit your goals.  We will not rest until all systems and processes are implemented, efficacy tested, and minimum client acquisitions are achieved.



Now it’s time to grow and scale.  Phase III is dedicated to refining operations by optimizing your curriculum that produces the specific results spelled out in your contracts so you can increase your client portfolio worth to exceed $100K personal monthly income.  Here, curriculum analysis and optimization of systems and processes will continue until proven efficacy of reaching your target revenues through effective and efficient ascensions.

Beyond $100K personal monthly income, we would begin to amplify your success by scaling your business in ways that do not require more employees or contractors.  This is typically accomplished by leveraging productization, epilogueing, and topgrading so you can continue to grow without adding more costs and expenses.  In this stage we will begin long-term planning, initiation of scaling strategies, and redefining your vision, goals, and objectives.