While the framework is the same for all clients, you will have your own unique aspirations.

Once we determine where you are now and clearly defined where you want to be, we can begin engineering a bridge to that gap.

The DIY Framework


Phase I:  Finding Your Voice

Through a codified and sequential process to clearly define your ambitions, we will discover the most impactful way to get there. The result in this phase is a marketing plan with the right message to the right audience with the right solution that aligns with your purpose.


Phase II:  Building Your Audience

This is where we establish your business development plan and build your platform that “speaks” to your specific audience. Your voice becomes a source of value for their growth, development, and evolution. As you build your audience, your followers will become loyal and will choose you as their solution or guide to transformation. You become a self-brand, a Unique Value Entity with influence on how your audience thinks.


Phase III:  Growing Your Business

Growing comes in many different flavors with and without scale. With DiY we place your life above business and optimize your growth model to produce the exact results you desire moving forward. We determine the actions that are necessary for you to attract the quality and quantity of clients you desire with the greatest outcome of fulfillment. At this phase, anything is fair game, but must remain very intentional with our choices to avoid the temptation of commoditization.