Stop Chasing Leads.

It’s exhausting, frustrating, and shallow.


Endless virtual and in-person networking events, nonstop one-on-one meetings, countless introductions, miserable cold calling and soul crushing outreach, constant qualifying of random “leads and referrals,” and the list goes on…

Everything about prospecting is just terrible. On top of it all, it’s extremely ineffective and horribly inefficient.


Simple. It works and if you don’t have a better way than what else are you going to do to get clients? I did it, you do it, nearly everyone does it.

In fact, commoditization – prospecting by uncovering enough rocks to find a “yes” – is, by far, the most common way to grow of all. This method has been used for thousands of years and has been proven that growing your business can be as simple as putting in the time and effort necessary for high-volume prospecting to get more customers.

So long as you have a product or service that addresses a need, tell enough people about it and you’re almost sure to get sales. The good news is that if you continue to drink your coffee and read motivational quotes to push through day after day of prospecting you will likely “succeed.”

The bad news is it will be at the expense of your life and soul.


What if you can approach growth from a new perspective? What if you could end commoditization completely? What if you could attract the clients you want and get paid what you’re really worth?

Nearly 25 years of researching, testing, and refining growth strategies have culminated into a framework called Distinguishing Yourself that successfully ends commoditization and replaces it with attraction.

This program not only grows your business in a far more effective and efficient way but is specifically designed for you to enjoy life at the same time. Distinguishing Yourself attracts clients to you who choose you to be their solution or guide to transformation and are willing to adapt to your terms.

Distinguishing Yourself (DIY)

Distinguishing Yourself is not just a superior business growth model, it frees you from being trapped in the maze of prospecting and re-energizes you to spend your time doing what you love.

    • No more days of networking or cold calling, outreach, or dead-end conversations.
    • No more bids, discounting, or bending to meet the needs of your clients.
    • No more peddling your products or services, strategic persuasion, or closing tactics.

Ending commoditization marks the day where you can truly enjoy your business and your life simultaneously.

It represents success with freedom and gives you the chance of fulfillment and happiness.

If you are done disrupting others trying to sell your products or services, finished with the endless activities needed to find a new client, completely over the life that requires you work this hard just to find new business, then Distinguishing Yourself may just be your way out.

Growth does not have to come with relentless prospecting, and you don’t have to live your life this way. Distinguishing Yourself is a commitment to prioritizing life before business and when you fully believe and apply this framework it will result in more business growth than you have ever achieved before, only this time with enjoyment.

So, are you using commoditization as your growth strategy?

Would you consider another approach to business and life?  Are you ready to stop hunting and start attracting the clients you want and getting paid what you’re really worth without prospecting?

My challenge to you is take time to really consider what you want.  If the approach you are taking now does not align with that vision, let’s talk.