What you have isn't enough

 and it’s frustrating when you’re not making the money you want.

The Reality for Most Solo and Micropreneurs

If you’re like most solo or micropreneurs you have a great product or service offering and can deliver excellent results, but your simply not bringing in enough revenue that generate profits high enough to support your personal goals.

In fact, the vast majority of owners of solo and micro businesses (1-9 employees) pull in less than $20,000 per month as personal income, many of those less than $10,000 per month.

If this is you, you’re not alone, and we know how exhausting and frustrating it can be.

The truth is what you have isn’t enough.


Simple. You don’t have a business model designed to acquire the clients you need and then ascend those clients to the revenues you want in a way that directly reflects the profits you, personally, desire.   

Growing and scaling a solo or micro-business is very different than doing so for a small, mid-market, or enterprise organization.  Solo’s and micro’s require a very specific strategy designed to intentionally restrict your resources through progression.  Therefore, growth and scalability for a solo or micro should have a completely different definition than small, mid-market, and enterprise organizations…  

Unfortunately, too many solo and micro owners “act” like small, mid-market, or enterprise companies and fail in the process.  Keep in mind, a traditional company grows and scales by leveraging MORE resources (people and technology) for the HIGHEST volume.  Whereas, a solo or micro should grow and scale by leveraging FIXED resources (you and technology) for the GREATEST impact.  

To build a successful solo or micro-business, you must create a marketing, business development, sales, and operations system that acquires a FIXED amount of the right clients and then ascends those clients to UNLIMITED levels of revenue and profits.  The key is to create contracts that allow for ascension and curriculums that guide your clients to the exact results that trigger those ascensions.  Therefore, the strategy should never be more clients, but instead a certain amount of the right clients that invest more and more with you without the need to increase your costs or expenses.

Bluntly, without a business model specifically designed for a solo or micropreneur you stand very little chance of extraordinary success.


It is understandable to have doubts.  We all have limiting beliefs no matter what level of success we accomplish.  Yet, today, right now as you read this, there are people no smarter or more capable than you earning personal income over $100,000 per month with a solo or micro business that supports the life they envision.

To overcome limiting beliefs we will be there for you every step of the way in a codified and sequential process that takes you from where you are at this very moment to over one hundred thousand dollars per month of personal income from your business that you have founded and simply refined to produce optimal results.

Having a plan that is proven and tested while having us as your partner for ongoing support, guidance, accountability, and outsourcing makes this a reality as opposed to a wish.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs keep you from achieving your ideal business and life.

The Acquire & Ascend Model

The Acquire & Ascend Model is not just a superior way to build a successful solo or micro company, it frees you from being trapped in mediocrity and re-energizes you toward reaching your true potential for business and life.

    • No more struggling to find ideal clients.
    • No more overpromising deliverables and getting buried in work.
    • No more stress in paying your bills or having enough money for investments and enjoyment in life.

The Acquire & Ascend Model is the way for you to acquire the exact clients you need to ascend those clients to revenues you want that reflects the profits that generate the personal income you desire.  

The sense of pride and freedom you will feel when you begin building your business that actually generates $30K, then $50K, to $80K, and over $100K of personal income per month is almost indescribable.  While it’s not all about the money, the way you earn this level of money creates the life you really want.

If you can implement the Acquire & Ascend Model on your own, do it!

If you would rather do it with us, let’s connect.  Partner with us and make this your reality.

So, are you still struggling under $20K per month?

Would you consider another approach to your business and life?  Are you ready to stop struggling without enough ideal clients, revenues, profits, or time?

My challenge to you is to really consider what you want.  If the approach you are taking now does not align with that vision, let’s talk.