Below are our series of Workshops and Virtual Events to attend for FREE.

  • The $100K Club Workshops (FREE) are for solo and micropreneurs looking to learn exactly how to build a business that generates over $100,000 of recurring monthly revenue.
  • DSBE Live! Virtual Events (FREE) are for all entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative business discussion on how grow in unique and highly effective ways.

$100K Club Workshop

Learn and apply the $100K Club Business Model to attract the clients you want while getting paid what you’re really worth.

These FREE virtual workshops are specifically designed for solo and micropreneurs committed to generating $100,000+ of monthly recurring revenue with a 60-80%+ net profit margin while working less than 40 hours per week.  Each event will address one aspect of the program so you can implement these practices into your model and make this business and lifestyle your reality.

Held Monthly on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 12pm EST


Join us for our virtual events for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, executive directors, investors, and philanthropists to collaborate on unique growth strategies and connect with like-minded individuals to increase the power of your network and influence.

The objective is to engage in provocative discussions about how to grow and scale your business, discover new ways to get involved in purpose-driven missions above and beyond you, and amplify your network to bring far more reciprocal strength to your potential.

Click the link below to register for the DSBE LIVE! Virtual Event series.

Held Monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 12pm EST