Below is the registration for the Acquire & Ascend Virtual Workshops.  Click on button below to register for the free events to get your company well on its way to explosive growth, profitability, and scalability for all solo, micro, and small business entrepreneurs.

Acquire & Ascend Virtual Workshop

Learn and apply the Acquire & Ascend Model for your business to systematically “land” the clients you want and then “expand” their investment to achieve your growth, profitability, and scalability goals.

These FREE virtual workshops are specifically designed for solopreneurs, micropreneurs, and small business entrepreneurs committed to a new paradigm where growth, profitability, and scalability are actualized through impact versus volume.

Currently, 94-96% of all solo, micro, and small business owners make less than $20k per month.  That’s simply not enough.  The Acquire & Ascend Model is the most effective and efficient way to break through this barrier and find yourself in the top tier of all entrepreneurs on the planet.  Find out exactly why nearly every small business is failing to create remarkable results even when they are providing great products and services AND exactly how to change your business model to bring more than $100K PER MONTH to you as the Owner.